Hakuoki: Kyoto Winds limited (collector's) edition

What a day! Three packages arrived today, one of which Hakuoki: Kyoto Winds limited edition! I'm so glad I skipped my classes and stayed home ;) If not, I would had have to wait a whole week to feast my eyes on this beauty <3

The Hakuoki Shinkai series (Kyoto Winds/Kaze no Shou and Hana no Shou) is a two-part remake of the original game Hakuoki: Demon of the Fleeting Blossom, one of the few otome games that came in the West. The remake offers 6 new routes and expands the 6 already existing, with new scenes and cgs. Although Kyoto Winds is only a half of the whole story, the game is pretty long and definitely price worthy ;)

Kyoto Winds was released in two editions: standard and limited one. The limited (collector's) edition includes:

  • The game on PS Vita
  • Collector's box
  • Artbook (hardcover, full color, 64 pages)
  • OST (20 tracks)
  • Wooden bento box
  • Wrapping cloth (furoshiki)
The edition can be bought exclusively in iffysonlinestore.com (USA) and iffyseurope.com (EU). Neither store offers import to Asia, but there's a Chinese version of the game.

And now some pictures ^__^

My thoughts

I'm actually surprised with the quality of the items yeah, they are made in China, but still their quality is pretty high. Even the box is thick and sturdy. The lid of the bento box is pretty loose, but I guess that's how it supposed to be (well, I've never owned a thing like that, so it's a novelty to me), anyway, there's a belt to hold the lid in place. The wrapping cloth is super large and it can serve as a poster (I'd rather not wrap anything in it, as the cloth may wear). I'm really glad the publishers decided to include OST on CD (I'm literally horrified when I see digital sountracks in collector's editions >__< ). And the last one the (mini) artbook... I love it <3 It's small and thin (the real artbook is A4, 100+ pages), yet in hardcover and full color. It does not only include pictures, but also pieces of information, brief descriptions of the characters and sample cgs. 

I'm really fond of Hakuoki: Kyoto Winds limited edition <3 At first I thought it's a little bit too pricey (£63 + £12 shipping cost), but now I see that quality comes with a price and I don't regret the purchase. Of course, the quality of the game itself is a diffrent matter, but that's the last thing I worry about (because Kazama is in this game ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)).

And an extra picture of my Hakuoki collection: 

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